Artist: Karen Silve

Silve’s intuitive and deliberate acrylic paintings unfold through layers of lush colors, aggressive brushwork and drips pushing and pulling off the sides of her canvases. Her paintings are based on momentary synaesthetic impressions of interactions with nature; a synergy of the amorphous profusion of Silve’s surroundings. She focuses on experiences, discovering life’s little moments of energy and inspiration. Rather than zero in on notable landmarks, she pauses and considers the special aha! moments of appreciation of life in culture and nature. She records in her mind the immersive intimacy of being a part of an experience. Observing with no agenda, she attunes her senses focusing on the smells that bring back memories, the friction of people or wind passing her skin, the calmness of birds chirping or the chatter of people muttering, and the adjacent colors filling her visual eye field. These experiences last for moments or hours. Only after the experience, she starts to visualize a painting.....

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