Artist: Edd Pearman

Pearman's series 'Too Eager To Please' is in the grand British tradition of using the arts as a form as social commentary but with a contemporary and very personal twist. Utilizing information gleaned from conversations with male friends who work nine to five, Pearman has attempted to visualise the negative effects of the modern World upon the human spirit; a modern and fascinating variant on the theme of 'working for the man' prevalent in many old blues songs and much of popular music, theatre and literature thereafter. Whilst Pearman makes no attempt to draw direct comparisons between the lot of dustbowl era black America and the British working man, he does succeed in highlighting certain common themes such as subordination and the dehumanising effect that results from the loss of autonomy. Pearman uses simplified, almost generic images and his limited use of colour and shape serve to make each subject iconic, in much the same way as standardised signage is used to convey commands.

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