Artist: Stuart Hartley

In general terms my practice sits between painting and sculpture with its genesis lying in the structure and event that conflate to produce a painting. A dialogue between surface and support is created that challenges the historical singular and frontal approach to painting. The space the work creates and its migration into the space of other mediums, begins to shift the works emphasis from a two-dimensional surface into an environment that engages the viewer both visually and physically. As a result, perceptions, time, space and event become involved with the work questioning the boundaries and elements that are evident within painting.

These new “Event” pieces work on several levels. Firstly there is the visual game leading the eye around the work; secondly there is the relationship between painting and its physical encounter; and thirdly these works have been developed through a number of studio pieces that explored the subjects of choice, decision and event. I used the painted ball initially as a symbolic moment of contact between artist and materials but as the work developed, each placement became more of a singular choice or moment that when combined and displayed together becomes a physical representation of the collective information and experience that we use to make a choice.

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