Artist: Melissa Scott-Miller

Growing up among the tall redbrick mansion blocks of Kensington, Melissa Scott-Miller was an enthusiast for London’s streetscapes from an early age. Trained at the Slade School of Art, she has made the urban landscape her speciality, choosing metre-square canvases to record the rich detail of the twenty-first century city. Where many painters would edit a view, eliminating the unsightly, Scott-Miller details meticulously the frenzied jumble of church spires, office blocks, roof gardens, fire-escapes, cranes and treetops that make up London’s skyline.

Perspectives of London’s far-from-regular street plans are expertly set down at the start of each work with bold, certain strokes of charcoal. And then the painting begins, wet on wet, as, using Old Holland paint, each segment attentively filled in as though a tapestry.

Melissa can be commissioned to carry out site specific works please contact the gallery for further information.

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