Artist: Ed Hodgkinson

Ed Hodgkinson has exhibited widely both in London and internationally, showing in New York, LA, Tokyo and Reykjavik.

Large-scale, enamel on aluminium, Hodgkinson’s paintings are strikingly graphic. Using a pared down but powerfully descriptive line against a backdrop of flat colour his work is fundamentally concerned with drawing. He takes the qualities found in line drawing - spontaneity, simplicity, abbreviation & experiment, and incorporates them directly into his painting. The drawn line is like a stream of consciousness, or as Erika Naginski descibes it ‘ activity that exemplifies an imagination in flux’.

The resolved appearance of his paintings belies the improvised complexity that occurs whilst drawing. The flatness of the colours accentuates the economy with which his line conveys three dimensional space. But there is also a lyricism in the way he brings line and colour together. Hodgkinson is a painter of lightness, emotion, and musicality.

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