Artist: Allan Forsyth

Stylish and utterly contempoarary, Forsyth's art is a poignant incorporation of technological media and conceptual design. Forsyth's "unusual and dramatic artworks marry nature and modernism," with abstract, analog patterns or sleek images of light and colour, inspired by natural phenomena, emotions, or intangible ideas.

In other works, his images are entirely representational, portraying elements of nature in an intimate and strikingly dramatic photographic style: richly detailed flower blossoms in lush natural hues glow against a deep, black background. Forsyth creates his works from photographs, enhancing them digitally and then printing and bonding them onto a variety of materials.

He has experimented withvarious photographic techniques and laboratory technology throughout his career, working in both the photographic and architectural industries. Forsyth's work has been displayed in homes, magazines and workplaces worldwide, introducing exciting innovations to interior design.

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