Artist: Vincent Poole (PRINT EDITIONS)

Poole, a previous graduate from Goldsmith's College, London (Foundation course) and Kingston (Sculpture degree) soon found his passions focusing on graphic design and art. This led to over 10 years in the creative departments of London agencies which have influenced his work dramatically over the last 5 years.

Strong dynamic and iconic images sourced and influenced from Advertising, Interiors, Furniture design and Collage have featured strongly in all his creactive work. Poole's signature collages combine graphics and fine art by linking specific London locations with the people, brands, objects and marketing materials associated with that area whether EC1 or SW3.

Recent works are printed onto different materials such as transparency film (acetates), these emphasise the vibrant surfaces as light diffuses through them. Poole's work is highly regarded, collected and located in numerous Corporate Collections. Poole can also be commissioned for bespoke projects.

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