Artist: Matt Colagiuri

“With my Sculptural Photography I aim to take the familiar, deconstruct it, and re-present it in a manner that challenges the senses. I draw from all the various elements of my background – animation, acting, even the anthropology!- to combat the photographic complacency and engage the viewer in a unique fashion. When the form is not immediately recognisable, the imagery draws you in and invites the viewer to reconsider their preconceptions on the subject matter.

With my Pop Art Series, I deliberately try to evoke imagery from the other artist’s work for the first time in my career. I’, hoping the series brings to mind the work of Warhol…plus the style of the pulp magazine print style of the 50’s…as well as remaining true to the voice of my own Sculptural Photography. For me, the gradient of colour represents the impermanence of human emotion – for good or ill”.

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